The Fitz Hostel is the first and presently only hostel on the Bruce Peninsula – centrally located in the village of Lion’s Head. Not only does the Fitz offer comfortable and affordable accommodation, but also all the inside tips you’ll need to for your peninsula adventure! Make The Fitz your launch pad!

William_Fitzwilliam_OwenThe hostel is named after Captain William Fitzwilliam Owen, the first to chart Georgian Bay and also the namesake of Owen Sound. Like Fitzwilliam, we endeavour to chart new territory as the first hostel on the Bruce Peninsula! We, too, are explorers, often in our own backyard. As bushwackers and trailblazers, we are always seeking an adventure and look forward to helping you embark on yours!

My name is Megan and I’ll be your host here at The Fitz. I’m a proud fifth-generation “peninsulite”. I grew up on the Bruce Peninsula and attended the school that is two blocks away from the hostel. After high school, I earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC and worked in a variety of businesses – including breweries, farms, restaurants and an organic bakery (perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to experience the culinary delights of Harvest Moon during your stay), and spent time living and travelling in my dear VW Westy.

Upon landing home in the summer of 2014, I felt ready to sink my teeth into a project of my own and knew my hometown was the perfect place to do so! A hostel seemed like the ideal venture to marry my skills, interests and contribute to the local area in a meaningful way. Intrigued but still not entirely certain, I embarked on another trip to let the idea marinate and to “conduct research” by working and staying in countless hostels. After 10 months of travelling in Spain, Morocco, France and Scandinavia, the idea had simmered and stuck, confirming my decision to open a hostel. When I returned to Canada in October 2015, I got straight to work, and with the unrelenting support of family and friends and the tremendous community, here we are!

Our mission is to offer quality hostel accommodation in Lion’s Head. We strive to create positive visitor experiences by offering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and facilitating a range of local activities. Further, as a social enterprise, we endeavour to minimize our ecological footprint and create positive social opportunities in the community.

This mission aligns with our broader vision – to contribute to the health and vitality of the Bruce Peninsula by exemplifying the principles of sustainable development, collaborating with local stakeholders, creating a vibrant community space, and sharing its unique natural and social environment.