The Fitz Hostel is located along the northern strip of the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes. Recognizing that our guests visit the Bruce Peninsula to explore its unique natural and cultural heritage, we strive to minimize our ecological impact and do our part to protect this landscape for generations to come. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through the following practices:


  • Maintain a green management file and timeline of sustainability initiatives
  • Hold membership to Green Tourism, the world’s largest sustainable tourism certification program, and have achieved a silver certification
  • Monitor energy, water and waste production to evaluate progress towards sustainability goals

Social & Communication

  • Provide information to customers about our environmental practices
  • Offer education on sustainability and environmental issues through print resources and promotion of local events
  • Participate in a wide range of community-based work on local environmental and social issues
  • Promote responsible visitor conduct through print materials


  • Use LED and other high efficiency lighting
  • Use a high efficiency furnace for heating and hot water
  • Use thermostatic settings to control heating
  • Will replace current appliances with Energy Star appliances
  • Use cold water washing and use an outdoor clothesline for drying towels and linens


  • Use low flow toilets, shower heads and faucets
  • Harvest rainwater and use drip irrigation for garden irrigation
  • Minimize chemical use


  • Use recycled/FSC certified paper products
  • Use plastics with recycled content whenever possible
  • Promote local and seasonal products by serving as a community pick-up location for Eat Local Grey-Bruce, a local and ecological food distribution co-operative
  • Serve locally roasted and ethically produced organic coffee from Ironwood Coffee Company
  • Buy second-hand products and furniture extensively


  • Minimize waste through recycling and kitchen composting
  • Reduce food waste by providing “free bins” for guests
  • Buy in bulk whenever possible
  • Employ online marketing to reduce paper use
  • Promote reusable water bottles and containers and make them available for guests to use

Travel & Transport

  • Provide information on walking, cycling and other low-carbon activities
  • Offer a 5% discount for carbon-free travellers (use promo code “CARBONFREE”)
  • Provide information on public transit options (although services are limited)
  • Rent bicycles
  • Provide bicycle storage and use of basic bicycle repair tools
  • Serve as the drop-off location for Park Bus

Nature & Culture

  • Provide information on local cultural and natural attractions, along with activities
  • Plant native and bee-friendly species on site
  • Promote conservation and stewardship actions and campaigns


  • Adhere to local dark sky lighting bylaws and promote dark sky activities
  • Operate the first and only hostel in the region and promote responsible hosteling culture